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Dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids.  Click a button and let's grow!

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setting up your classroom

Click below to download the PDF version of the

#PullYourWeeds® Classroom Setup Checklist

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My Flowers Are:  Activity Sheet:


This is a wonderful introductory and icebreakers activity sheet for gardeners in grades K-5. Have your students write down their 'flowers' (the things that make you feel happy & joyful) on each of the petals. This is a wonderful tool to use as a positive distraction when a gardener is frustrated or visibly upset. It can open up a positive conversation.

Click Below To Download The PDF Version

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Weeds to Seeds Gardening Pot


To help keep the lines of communication open with your students,  one of our favorite classroom 'gardening tools' is a 'Weeds to Seeds" Gardening Pot. This is a wonderful way for your students to communicate when they need help 'pulling a weed'. --> All you need is a pot or pail, a gardening marker or popsicle stick, post it notes or origami paper.

Click Below  To Watch Our Video On How To Use This In Your Classroom!

Gardener Of The Week

Choosing a 'Gardener of the Week' is a wonderful way to make each child in your class feel extra special. Gardeners of all ages love being recognized & appreciated by their peers. This is a wonderful social & emotional exercise that helps build self-confidence, encourages inclusivity & celebrates individuality!

Click below for tips to infuse this into your weekly routine & download a printable!

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Weeds to Seeds Journaling

Journaling is one of our favorite 'gardening tools' for our emotional toolkit, as it helps us be present minded, connect with our feelings and express what we are 'growing through' at that particular moment. By writing our thoughts down on a frequent basis (we recommend weekly), it helps build confidence when it comes to expressing our feelings and thoughts and is extremely beneficial for our social and emotional development!

Click below to learn how to make your own journals or scroll down for the PDF version of our signature 'Weeds to Seeds' Journal.

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Click below to download the

Weeds to Seeds Journal Cover

Click below to download the

Weeds to Seeds

Journal Pages & Prompts

Workshops Videos & Recaps


In this 22 minute Introductory #PullYourWeeds® Workshop we encourage you to pause the video when prompted to get students to organically interact and discuss and download the You Are a Gardener® Certificate of Accomplishment featured in the video below!

Materials Needed: Origami Paper and Pen or Marker


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Click below to download a blank

You Are a Gardener®

Certificate of Accomplishment

for each student as featured in our introductory workshop.

crafts & diy activities

Origami Foxes.gif
Origami Foxes(1).gif
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Origami Foxes(2).gif
Origami Foxes(4).gif

visual aids & posters to print


Games & Activity sheets

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gangs all here coloring sheet.png

Click on any image above to download the PDF version of the#PullYourWeeds® Activity Sheets

Classrom Gardener Games .png

Meaningful 'filler' activities with no materials needed that take 10 minutes or less.


Click the button below to download the PDF of our Classroom Gardener Games List

Morning Meetings

morning meeting sheet.png

Start your day planting positive seeds!


Click on the image or button below to download the PDF version of Morning Meetings Sheet

mindfulness & grounding activities

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PYWPoses Badge.png
Petal Breathing Badge.png
Deep Breathing Badge.png

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how's it growing...

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Share pictures of what's 'growing on' in your class with your school & families.  Download a blank copy of our bulletin board and add your own pictures! 

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