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A Quick Intro to The #PullYourWeeds™ Program

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

In this quick 2 minute video, Shanna Truffini highlights the roots and foundation of her You Are a Gardener™️ children’s book and her #PullYourWeeds Program for children ages 4-11. Truffini is now offering virtual workshops for her programs for students in grades K-5 for all distance learning classrooms. This workshop is also available for children's organizations and private groups such as libraries, children's book stores, kids crafting groups, non-profit organizations and friends who want to connect their kids with positive screen time.

The program includes a book reading of the You Are a Gardener™️ children’s book, an interactive SEL workshop and fun (downloadable) prizes for students upon completion. The workshop runs about 30-35 minutes and she can join your virtual classroom or provide you with a link via zoo. To book now and get a quote for your class/school/organization please send an email to

The #PullYourWeeds™️ Program is rooted in empowering kids with the tools to identify and communicate negative feelings and emotions and turn them into positive solutions (weeds to seeds). For the last few years, Shanna Truffini has currently been presenting her programs to children, teachers and parents in her home state of New Jersey and is now available to spread her seeds on a national level. Book a workshop today! 🌸🌱🌻 CLICK HERE


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