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A Sweet & Simple Fall Snack: Cream Cheese, Caramel & Toffee Spread:

Getting kids involved in the kitchen is not only a great way to bond with them, but it also teaches them important life skills and promotes healthy eating habits. Our Sweet & Simple Fall Snack with Cream Cheese, Caramel & Toffee Spread is the perfect recipe to get them started and dig into a fun, fall treat with minimal ingredients.

Scroll down to get the recipe, read some fun facts about apples, learn more about Gardener Anna and scroll all the way down to collect your Gardening Tool Badge for this activity!

apples, cream cheese, caramel, toffee spread fall snack for kids

Here's how to make our Cream Cheese, Caramel & Toffee Spread:

  • Block of cream cheese

  • Caramel sauce

  • Toffee bits

  • Apple slices (and/or pears) & Pretzels, for serving

Drizzle some caramel at the bottom of dish, put a block of cream cheese on tip, drizzle with caramel, top with toffee and serve with apples (or pears) and pretzels!

Some Fun Facts About Apples:

  • Apples are a great source of fiber, which can help with digestion and keep you feeling full.

  • Apples are also a good source of vitamin C, which is important for a healthy immune system.

  • There are over 7,500 different varieties of apples grown around the world.

  • Apples are a member of the rose family, along with pears, peaches, plums, and cherries.

  • The old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" may have some truth to it. Studies have found that eating apples regularly may help lower the risk of certain diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.

  • Apples float in water because they are made up of 25% air.


cream cheese caramel apple recipe

easy autumn appetizer apple spread

The beautiful thing about this recipe is you can dip with sweet or salty...Gardener Anna chose to dip with apples and Gardener Aidan went with pretzels...can you guess which one Gardner Diamond (our dog) would like? If you guessed all of would be right :)


fall snack ideas for kids with apples

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sweet fall snack for kids apple

Hey gardeners, did you make our Sweet & Simple Fall Snack: Cream Cheese, Caramel & Toffee Spread? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Sweet Fall Snack' Gardening Tool Badge'!

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