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Be Your Own Bestie

Aaahhh...the 'Golden Rule', the principle a lot of us were taught at a very young age...'do unto others, as you'd have done to you.' As much as this message is steeped in empathy, it is also heavily rooted in self-compassion, which often gets overlooked. The ability to turn your own love inward and be kind, patient, supportive and forgiving with yourself is first and foremost when it comes to applying the 'golden rule'.

If we can't love, respect and appreciate our own selves, then how can we offer the same to others? A huge focus on our platform stems in self-compassion, so today we are sharing a few positive activities that you can do to gently introduce gardeners (of all ages) to what it takes to be your own best friend!

Self-Compassion Exercises

-Write yourself a letter about an experience you had that made you feel uncomfortable and what you would tell yourself to feel better. (write it is as you were writing it to a best-friend)

-Write a daily journal entry on something you do each day that you are proud of.

-Write down 3 things you love about yourself and tape it to a mirror you use frequently.

-Celebrate yourself with a bulletin board dedicated to all your achievements and accomplishments.

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship you have.” ~Robert Holden

In times of divide, exclusivity and resentment we must acknowledge that loving ourselves first is the foundation on which all other positive and inclusive relationships can be built.

Planting the seeds of self-compassion with young children helps them to embrace their own individuality, celebrate their uniqueness and appreciate their own strengths.


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