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BOOtiful Brownies 🦇

Your little ghouls will love Gardener Anna's BOOtiful brownie recipe. These dreadfully delicious treats are so easy to make and only require a couple of quick kitchen tricks!

Scroll down for this fun and festive Halloween recipe!


Gardener Anna's BOOtiful Brownie Recipe

-Box of Brownie Mix

-Chocolate Icing

-Halloween Sprinkles

-Milano Cookies

-Black Gel Icing

Bake brownies per instructions on the box. Let cool. Spread chocolate icing on brownies. Decorate with sprinkles. Cut bottoms off cookies and write RIP with gel icing on the cookie and press them into the brownies for a BOOtiful effect!

This is the perfect Halloween treat to bring to a party, easy efforts with a frightfully fun presentation!

Having fun in the kitchen and creating new recipes is a wonderful 'gardening tool' for kids of all ages to add to their emotional toolkit. Cooking and baking is a positive way to de-stress and induce mindfulness, as it encourages patience, creativity and builds self-esteem.

Have a happy and safe Halloween Gardeners! 🎃


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