Dealing with Discomfort

Hello Gardeners!

Today on the blog, we are talking about discomfort - when it's helpful, when it's harmful, and how to deal with it. Navigating sensitive conversations or situations can leave us with the urge to escape and avoid. Learning to embrace the uncomfortable can provide you the tools to clearly communicate with other people through conflict, sensitive topics, and awkwardness.

This graphic by @heyamberrae takes us through the classic thought progression and offers a tip to embracing the discomfort.

It all starts with a feeling - the urge to escape, change the subject, end the encounter. Whatever that feeling is, it's uncomfortable, and you are left with two choices. You can either take the opportunity to notice it, or numb and deny it. Noticing the discomfort means recognizing the feeling and allowing it to pass, while numbing it means running away in fear of awkwardness, embarrassment, shame, guilt, or a plethora of other feelings.

**Just a note, use your judgement to decide if you discomfort is warranted. For example, trying to confront a friend about a conflict is not the same as, say, letting a stranger give you a ride home. We are talking about the discomfort that comes with addressing issues head on and mindfully communicating topics that are difficult, embarrassing, or stressful.

These few words from Danielle Doby that help summarize today's message:

The breaking leads to opening

The opening allows expansion

The expansion creates more space

The space invites growth

Keep opening and expanding, gardeners - getting comfortable with the uncomfortable - and don't forget to #PullYourWeeds!!

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