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Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

The beautiful thing about gardening is that anyone, anywhere can start at anytime.

Digging into something that makes us feel good, confident and calm is welcome at any age.

The You Are a Gardener® children's book and mindset is rooted in the power of 3 little, weeds and seeds:

-Flowers being our joyful feelings/thoughts/emotions.

-Weeds being our negative feelings/thoughts/emotions, and

-Seeds being the opportunity to positively learn and grow through every experience & encounter.

Change is one of the most natural processes in our world and everything evolves over time. Embracing the power of change of how we educate and empower our children with positive tools to help them move forward in this world confidently and calmly will occur over time. With repetition, patience and commitment to our younger generation we can help make their future calmer, closer, kinder and more inclusive than ever before.

This may look like a children's book and platform to most, but our message is truly ageless. Raising a new generation of emotionally resilient children starts with each and everyone of us. So... who's ready to dig in?

Click Here --> For an Introductory to the You Are a Gardener® Mindset.

Click Here --> To purchase a copy of our children's book.

Click Here --> To learn more about our workshops, assemblies and SEL services.

Click Here --> To watch our videos.

We have only handful left of the First Edition of You Are a Gardener®.

Click Here to get a copy today or stay tuned to the #PullYourweeds® Blog on when the Pre-Order will drop in the shop!


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