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Embrace the Change

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Hello Gardeners!

This school year may be starting off much differently than previous years, so today we've got a few tips to help us all (parents, kids and teachers) stay positive and embrace the change. Plus, we've got some fun crafts to get you excited about being back in the classroom from making your own journal to back to school book covers (whether it's virtual or not!).

1. Set intentions

A great way to celebrate a new adventure in your life is by setting new intentions. We've got two simple ways to create your own homemade journal - pick your favorite and set some intentions for the new school year! We recommend picking a day out of the week or month to write down your intentions to help stay consistent. It is a wonderful way to keep track of your progress and achievements.

Click this Link to Learn How to Make: Rubber band journal, or

Click this Link to learn how to make: Popsicle stick journal

2. We're all in this together

Approach your teachers and classmates with openness and empathy! Given all the new changes, everyone is in the same boat. Lead by example and spread seeds of love, kindness and patience!

3. Be gentle with yourself

Know that this is uncharted territory for all of us - don't hesitate to ask for help, be flexible, adjust as needed, and take time to decompress. Maybe that means taking a walk as a family, reading a book together or digging into a fun and creative project. We love making our own custom flower book covers! It is a wonderful way to make your mark and add a personal touch to your reading materials and textbooks for this new school year!