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Gardener Vocab Soup

Updated: Mar 9

Soup's on gardeners! Did you know that cooking with your kids is one of our favorite ways to boost their social and emotional learning (SEL) development? Today we are sharing a family friendly and FUN alphabet, vegetable soup recipe. This hands-on, early literacy activity is a great SEL learning tool with the added benefit of being delicious! Making a recipe like our Gardener Vocab Soup can help build kids self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. Plus, a fun way way to introduce vegetables to young gardeners is to start with vegetable soups.

Making Our Gardener Vocab Soup Has SEL Roots In:

🌸 Hands On Way to Practice Some Basic Math Concepts

🌸 Helps to Develop a Child's Planning and Time Management Skills

🌸 Requires Listening & Attention To Detail

🌸 Builds Self-Confidence

🌸 Fun Early Literacy Activity

Scroll down for step-by- step instructions and scroll all the way down to earn your gardening tool badge for this activity!

Gardener Vocab Soup