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Get Moving!

Hello Gardeners! The first episode of #SeasonTwo debuted today and it feels SO good to be back in the greenhouse. #GardenerAnna and #GardenerAidan had the pleasure of meeting Gardener Frankie and Gardener Julia - who you may also know as #ThePetiteFastinista. Julia started a Facebook group for women in North Jersey that provides quick workouts, meal plans, and healthy lifestyle tips to make health and fitness easy for busy ladies to work into their lives. She has changed the way so many people view fitness - not as a chore, but as something that makes us feel good about ourselves and our bodies - we were thrilled to have her and her son Frankie for our season two premiere.

When we are feeling down, antsy, cranky, restless - sometimes all we need to do is get moving! Exercise has incredible benefits on not just our physical health, but our mental health as well. These include increased endorphin levels (the stuff that makes us feel happy), decreased stress, increased self-esteem and confidence, more restful sleep, and improved brain performance.

The Petite Fastinista gave us a quick and easy workout to do in those overwhelming and intense moments - something to get the blood flowing and reduce a little stress!

#1 Sit on the ground with your knees up and spin to the right a few times, then reverse and spin to the left

#2 Butt kicks! Kick those feet all the way back

#3 Jumping jacks - we all know what these look like, arms and legs out and then arms and legs in!

#4 Repeat this cycle of exercises as many times as you'd like

We would love to hear about exercises all of you gardeners do to relax, unwind, and to help #PullYourWeeds. Email us at or tag us @youareagardener and show us how you get moving!


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