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Handprint Succulents

Hello Gardeners!

Who needs something bright and cute for their walls? Today on the blog, we have one of our favorite crafts to date and bonus - it is PERFECT for gardeners ages 2-12 - although gardeners of all ages are welcome! If you've been looking for some fun activities to keep your kids busy and creative, you won't want to miss this one - it's our Handprint Succulents 🌵craft!

Here is what you'll need:

Paint (choose paint that is skin-safe!)

Construction paper




First things first, let's make our succulents! Paint your little one's hands/fingers/feet with green paint. You can choose different parts of the hands or feet to get certain shapes an even use little bits of purple or red to add colorful accents to your succulents.

Once you've made all the finger and handprints you'd like, cut out planter shapes from your construction paper. If your gardener isn't quite ready to go solo with the scissors, use the hand-over-hand method to help them start to develop those muscles!

Lastly, glue your planters in place and let the whole thing dry! Voilà - you've got the cutest print to showcase their little handprints!


Benefits of this craft:

  • It is a great sensory activity! Feeling the cool, wet paint in between your fingers is great sensory exposure.

  • This is the perfect craft to practice basic scissor skills!

  • Strengthens those fine motor skills - bending the fingers and hands into different shapes, holding scissors, and applying glue!


Have you done any of our crafts at home? We would love to hear your thoughts, see your creations, and share your work! Email us at or tag us @youareagardener.

Keep creating, gardeners - keep pulling those weeds and

don't forget, #TheFutureIsBright!


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