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Helping Hands to Brighten Your Day

Hello Gardeners!

All of us on the Gardening Team hope that you and your families are hanging in there, staying healthy, and staying on the bright side. In the coming weeks, we are going to have ups and downs, we may start feeling lonely, or catch a case of cabin fever, or experience weeds we've never encountered before. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Send us your flowers and weeds, send us pictures of the crafts and activities your and your family are doing, send us the recipes of the treats your are making to stay cheery, or just say hey - we love hearing from you!

Today we've got a special craft for you - a craft to help remind you to be thankful for the friends and family in your life!

We will be making 💐 #HelpingHandFlowers 💐 !!

Here's what you'll need:

Construction paper (multiple colors)




Start out by tracing your hand at least four times on construction paper. Cut out your hands and one thin rectangle of a different color of paper.

Fold your thin rectangle in half and on the folded side, make thin cuts (about two inches down) to create a sort of fringe.

Then, fan out your hands like you would a hand of playing cards, and tape the bottoms together with one long piece of tape. Next, roll up your fringe piece and tape that on one of the palms of the hands.

Roll up your taped hands around the orange fringe piece and secure with another piece of tape. Final step: curl the fingers outward by rolling the paper around a pen or pencil.

TA-DA!! You have a flower!

Feel free to mix and match colors, use different sized hands - make them your own! You can put these #HelpingHands on the back of your pencils, or put them on pipe cleaner stems to make a bouquet, or give them to someone you love! Little gestures can have a BIG impact!

For all you #gardeners that are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, here is a message from #GardenerAnna:

Thanks for reading along today, gardeners - stay on the bright side and #PullYourWeeds!


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