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HTS 5th Graders...You are gardeners!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Gardener Aidan's 5th grade class for a #PullYourWeeds® Workshop! It was so nice to be back in-person with this crew; last year we did it virtually. Over the last few years, these gardeners have earned over 10 Gardening Tool Badges! It was so fun to have Aidan help with the workshop and his classmates and teachers were all so welcoming.

In this particular #PullYourWeeds® workshop the gardeners learned about our Top 10 Go-To Gardening Tools(mindfulness tools), positive ways to manage stress when you are feeling overwhelmed with an in-class project (conflict/resolution skills), how Counting Your Flowers is the best tool to help you fall asleep (gratitude exercise), how every gardener has weeds (empathy) and they also enjoyed a guided drawing of Foxie (relaxing/fun actvity)!

The next time these gardeners encounter stress, they now have lots of 'gardening' tools to help them move forward feeling confident & calm!

HTS 5th are gardeners!

Just like every gardener is unique and special, so were all the adorable foxes these 5th graders drew in their guided drawing with our Illustrator Kelsey.

Is your school ready to start pulling weeds & planting seeds? Learn more about how your staff and students will benefit from our #PullYourWeeds® SEL Programs...Click Here!


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