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Keep Gardening!

Hello Gardeners!

Today is a very special day because it's our 100th blog post! It's been a little over a year since we launched our #PullYourWeeds blog and we have so enjoyed providing your classrooms and homes with fun, helpful activities and resources to help young gardeners pull their weeds and plant their seeds. Thank you so much for being a part of our journey!

To celebrate our 100th blog post, today we are we are making some Upcycled #PullYourWeeds Planters! This project is a fun reminder to keep your flowers (your joyful & happy emotions) growing tall and bright & when in need to pull your weeds (talk about your negative feelings and emotions with someone you trust). We have a lot of exciting projects in the works for our stay tuned!

Here is what you'll need for your planters:

Empty cans (soup cans, canned tomatoes, coffee cans, etc.)


Paint brush

Gardening materials

It's quite simple, just decorate your can any way you'd like!

First, I painted my can white so that the colored paint would stand out a bit more.

Just be sure to put some small rocks in the bottom of your can before you put potting soil in so that the water can drain. Now you can turn all of your empty cans into beautiful holders for your plants!


We love this craft because it:

  • Encourages gardening (both emotionally and physically!)

  • Promotes recycling! So much of the stuff we throw away can be repurposed.

  • Requires so few materials! We are always looking for fun crafts that don't require a trip to the store.


Thank you again, gardeners for joining us today! Whether this is your 1st time on the blog or your 100th, we appreciate the support and are excited to share ideas with you. Stay bright and don't forget to #PullYourWeeds!


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