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Kindness Rocks

Hello Gardeners! Recently, #TheGardeningTeam has been looking for #WeedsToSeeds stories - stories of people turning hardship to opportunity, of people putting others before themselves, and stories that help inspire us to water our flowers! We stumbled into one project that truly inspired us to pay it forward. It’s called The Kindness Rocks Project™. The Kindness Rocks Project “encourages people to leave rocks painted with inspiring messages along the path of life”. The hope is that the kindness rocks will cross paths with someone who needs a boost or a push to keep going!

These images are courtesy of Instagram - follow @thekindnessrocksproject

We love this project because it helps plant seeds of positivity in others. Maybe this message will change someone’s day, maybe it will give them hope - one small seed has real power, and we love other organizations and projects that are spreading this message!

So why don't we give it a try? Gather some rocks, get out your paints and your permanent markers, decorate your rocks with inspirational messages and uplifting symbols, and leave your #kindnessrocks in a place where someone will see them! Post pictures of your kindness rocks with the hashtag #TheKindnessRocksProject and be sure to tag us! We would love to add some gardener rocks to this post.


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