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Making A Connection

While traveling back on a connecting flight last weekend, I had the pleasure to be seated next to an adorable 4 year old Baylee, and her adoring grandmother. Needless to say, our connection was instant upon buckling into our 2 hour flight. In such busy times, when we are forced to slow down (like being on a plane), it is so refreshing to stop and see the kindness that is always around us. Upon returning home, I kept thinking about this kind and sincere connection I had just encountered, and when an email popped up in my inbox from Baylee's grandmother, you could only imagine my delight. Making genuine connections with new acquaintances helps us to see the world outside ourselves and appreciate the kindness/generosity that is always taking root around us. I would like to think our paths will cross again, but until seems we both left a lasting impression on another....

"I wanted to repay you for your generosity to us in graciously giving Baylee a book & signing it. I have a love for books & enjoy reading. So when you gave us the book I felt so honored for your kindness. It is always so neat to me meeting authors of all books. You had no hesitation in signing your book over to Baylee, and the way you interacted with her in teaching her to make the fox origami was pleasant to witness. I also enjoyed you sharing the reasons for the illustrations. Makes your book very memorable. Maybe we will meet again in your city or mine.
Attached hereto please find a photo of your book located in the middle of our book collection. I truly am very proud to have created this book collection for Baylee & I hope my love of books passes on to her.
Please let us know if you write anymore more books. We are big fans of your book.
Thank you so much my friend."

Hey gardeners, scroll down for some quick tips on how to strengthen and build a positive connection.

Tips To Strengthen & Build A Positive Connection:

Be a good listener


🤗 Stay focused on the present moment🤗

🤗 Be your authentic self

🤗 Ask genuine questions

🤗 Make eye contact

🤗 Offer genuine compliments

🤗 Have a firm handshake

🤗 Avoid interrupting

🤗 Relax


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