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New Podcast Alert 🎧

Cue the drum roll, grab your headphones and put your feet up! Today I am sharing with you an episode from the Stress Nanny's podcast that I was featured on last month.

I am always so honored when I am asked to do a podcast or a speaking engagement, especially when I am asked back for a second episode! It was so inspiring to reconnect with Lindsay Miller, the host of the show and a fellow SEL advocate (I will put the link below for the 1st episode I was on). On this featured episode of the Stress Nanny Podcast, Lindsay and I dig into fun & easy tools for children, families and teachers to use to help kids manage stress, as well as discuss how the last couple of years has affected our children and what we can do to help!

Lindsay Miller wants to make your life easier. She's spent several decades navigating really hard things like infertility, marital conflict, loss, moving, starting businesses, parenting, and managing a chronic illness just to name a few. Her secret to making it through those experiences with her health and sanity intact is managing her physical, mental and emotional stress levels. She's passionate about sharing practical tools for reducing stress so that you can use your precious energy to live your best life. Lindsay hosts The Stress Nanny Podcast and teaches yoga and mindfulness courses to kids and adults to make regular stress reduction a way of life. You can find out more about Lindsay on her website.


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