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News Weeds

Hello Gardeners,

"When I was at my grandparents house the other day I saw something on the news that scared me and made me feel really uncomfortable. Now I can't stop worrying that what I saw can happen to me and my family."

~Gardener Max Age 10

kids seeing something scary on the news, how to help

Hello Gardener Max,

"There are definitely some scary things on the news and we know how hard it can be to not think about them.The most important thing you can do is talk about what you saw with someone you trust.There are also some other helpful 'gardening tools' to help you take your mind off this 'weed'!"

When things feel out of your control try these gardening tools:

-Arts & Craft Project

-Read A Book

-Play A Game

We hope this helps turn your weed into a seed. Thank you for reaching out!"

~Gardener Anna & Gardener Aidan

Seeing things on the news can sometimes make children feel uncomfortable. It is helpful to kids to get them to open up and talk about what they saw and/or experienced. You can expand on these conversations by asking them what they saw, how it made them feel and what they think about it. Having safe and trusted sources for young gardeners helps to keep the line of communication open...turning weeds into seeds!

Do you or your younger gardeners need helping turning a 'weed into seed'? Send us a message to with the subject Hello Gardeners for a chance to be featured!


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