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Objects That Ground Us

Hello Gardeners!

Have you ever owner an item that is really special to you? Sometimes just having that special thing around gives you the extra motivational push, a burst of courage, or the feeling of comfort and safety. These items come in all shapes and sizes - many of us have had an extra important stuffed animal or blanket, maybe a special necklace or a lucky tee shirt. It may seem silly, but these special items can be really valuable grounding tools to have in our toolbox.

We put so much love and power into these items, that when we intentionally carry them with us, we can feel a little more confident and present!

The nerves and the fear may not go away, but there is a sense of protection and support.

Today on the blog, we have some fun activities to provide you, your students, or your kids with #GroundingObjects. Take a look!

Decorate a rock! Rocks are perfect grounding items because they are pocket-sized and provide some sensory comfort when held in our hands. By spending time, energy, and care altering your rock, you put meaning and importance into it. Once you've finished decorating your rock, hold it in your hands - feel the support it provides and start to carry it with you in times of need.

Left image courtesy of Arty Crafty Kids, right image courtesy of Paseando Hilos.