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Paper Plate Foxes

We thought we would kick this weekend off with a fox-themed craft! With minimal materials this delightful project is excellent for gardeners of all ages to work on those fine motor skills and craft with confidence. Arts & crafts are a playful way to help children cultivate their social and emotional skills!

*Gardener Tip: If you are a teacher and are looking for some Spring bulletin board inspiration...these friendly little foxes would look adorable in the halls of your school!

Scroll down for step-by step instructions for our Paper Plate Foxes Craft!

Materials Needed:

A paper plate

Orange, black, and pink construction paper (OR orange, black, and pink coloring utensils)



-First, fold in both sides of the plate to make a triangle. Next, take a piece of your orange construction paper and cut out a triangle with a rounded base that fits on the rounded part of your plate. Cut out two small triangles for the ears of our fox!

-Take a minute to make sure everything is glued down - the big orange triangle, the flaps of our paper plate, and the orange ears. Now take your black paper and cut out a circle for the nose and two smaller circles for the eyes. Cut out slightly smaller triangles with your pink paper to place on top of your orange ears. Then glue everything in place!

-Then you are left with a perfect Foxie! Feel free to collect some flower petals and leaves to make Foxie a flower crown. This is the perfect activity for younger gardeners to practice some fine motor skills and if you choose to make the flower crown - it gets everyone outside!

As always, please send us photos of how YOU made this craft, we love seeing them! We also want to hear which of our crafts on the #PullYourWeeds® Blog are your favorites, so let us know @youareagardener or at


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