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Stay Sunny ☀️

Hello Gardeners!

With little glimpses of warm weather on the horizon, we are reminded that Spring is just around the corner. Spring is the season of rebirth and new beginnings - therefore the perfect time to plant some new seeds and reflect on the Winter's weeds and flowers. Winter can be tough on our gardens - the days are shorter, we spend less time in the sun, and have the tendency to hibernate a little. Looking back on how you dealt with the darkness and how you tried to shine light on your flowers can be a wonderful exercise of gratitude and self-regulation.


One way that Devin from the Gardening Team, deals with the winter is with her indoor garden! She really enjoys starting seeds early so that by spring she is ahead of the game.

Need seed starter cups? Use old K-cups! They are the perfect size and it's a great way to reuse single-use plastic!


Another gardener told us he enjoys taking long, hot baths in the winter. It helps keep him warm and relaxed!

Want to make your own luxurious #BathBombs, check out this Hello Gardeners episode featuring Leah from Homemade Happiness by Leah!


For us, a sign that Spring is around the corner is seeing little whispers of green start sprouting all over the place. We thought this would be the perfect time to share our easy #SeedBombCraft, so you can help spread seeds of Spring!

Here's what you'll need:

A few sheets of paper

A packet of seeds


First, tear up your paper into small pieces - the smaller the pieces the easier for the paper to break down into pulp! Place all of your small pieces into a bowl of water and let them soak for a few hours.

**Teachers: you may want to break this craft up into two halves of the day so your paper can soak!**

Using wire mesh or a colander, strain your paper pulp. Take a small handful and create a little pit for the seeds. Once your seeds are secured in the middle, squeeze your hand letting all the excess water out.

THAT'S IT! You have your seed bombs! Plant these in a window garden to watch them grow from your classroom or take a walk with your students and let them throw their seed bombs wherever they'd like to see flowers!


Our seed bombs are starting to sprout!


No matter how you stay sunny during the cold months, you can always find helpful and fund activities to keep you feeling BRIGHT! That's all for today, gardeners - and don't forget to #PullYourWeeds!


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