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Tattling vs. Asking for Help

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Hello Gardeners! In honor of starting to film #Season2 of #HelloGardeners, let’s look back at our very first episode. We received a weed from #GardenerAlexandra who explained that a classmate of hers was alway bumping into her and getting in her space - and that was in turn causing her to get frustrated and distracted. She was afraid that telling a teacher would be tattling, and she didn’t want to be a tattle-tale. So, where’s the line - what’s the difference between tattling and asking for help? Let’s break it down - tattling is telling ON someone. When we tell on someone, we are suggesting that that person deserves to get in trouble or suffer some sort of consequence for their actions. Tattling is a passive and non-direct way of dealing with a problem. A more productive route is to either address the person directly or consult a teacher or parent - not with the hopes of getting the other person in trouble - but with the end goal of solving the issue!

Addressing people face-to-face can be really scary - you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings and it can be hard to tell your peers exactly how you’re feeling. At the end of the day, practicing direct communication will always be better! It will make weeds easier to pull, boundaries better established, and communication clearer!

To celebrate the #EasterWeekend here is a craft from #Episode4 when we visited Sugar Rush in Madison, NJ and made some colorful candy art! Perfect for those leftover jelly beans and candies in your Easter basket.

All you’ll need is:

A sturdy piece of cardboard or canvas

Craft glue

LOTS of colorful candy

Then just start gluing! Maybe you’d like to make a rainbow, or a garden full of flowers, or even a *sweet* self portrait. Watch the gardeners below if you need more ideas (start at 1:49!).

We'd love to see your candy art! Be sure to tag @youareagardener and let us see those SWEET creations. Catch you next time gardeners and as always #PullYourWeeds!

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