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Unmasking their concerns...

The other day I overheard Anna talking to her Grandma how she was worried if she would be able to wear a mask all day at school when she goes back. Hmmm...this sounded familiar. In my post last week “I took my own advice”, I mentioned how I was “worried” about my kids wearing masks all day at school. In times of stress and uncertainty, our kids look to us to gauge how they should feel. Our output creates the foundation for their confidence in uncomfortable situations. Clearly, this is an example of how I initially did not embrace this myself and my kids were adapting the same outlook.

Since then I have made a consistent effort to speak more openly and optimistically about wearing mask all day in school in front of Anna and Aidan. We talk about how a mask provides kids the protection needed to see their friends, meet their teachers and safely go back to an environment that they have always enjoyed. It is a strong and brave act that not only keeps them safe but helps keep others safe too!

Wherever our kids are headed this fall, their bravery to embrace such rapid change is a heroic act in my eyes. Let’s take a minute and give these kids the accolades and praise they deserve for rising up to this new school year. They are the gardeners planting seeds to ensure a brighter future for us all. Let’s take a moment and be grateful for their efforts!

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Stay bright!

Shanna Truffini


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