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The Stress Nanny | Ep. 12 You Are A Gardener™

Hello Gardeners!

Our author, #ShannaTruffini, recently sat down with podcaster and coaching professional Lindsay Miller, a.k.a. The Stress Nanny.

The Stress Nanny's aim is simple - to help families stress less. Lindsay explores tools that help modern families manage stress and interviews like-minded people from organizations and businesses who work toward the same goal. We were so excited to speak with her and want to invite you to listen by clicking the image below.

Or you can search "The Stress Nanny" in Apple Podcasts!

Lindsay Miller has a background in child development, is certified in Yoga Health Coaching and is a Registered Yoga Teacher. She has dedicated her career to helping children and adults stress less using a mindfulness-based approach.

Meeting and speaking with people like Lindsay is such a great reminder that there are so many wonderful forces out there working to make this world a friendlier, more supportive place. We at You Are A Gardener™ are motivated now more than ever to continue to spread seeds of positivity as far as we possibly can!

Please go check out The Stress Nanny's online programs, blog, and podcast! You can also find her on Instagram 👇 👇 👇

Always remember that there is a whole network of

people, organizations, and support to help you #PullYourWeeds!


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