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Using Paint to #PullYourWeeds

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Hello Gardeners!

We've talked a little about art therapy previously on the blog. "Art therapy is a therapeutic technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being" (Verywell Mind). Art has this incredible power of making us emotionally responsive and when we view art we like, it makes us feel something! Actually making art has the ability to decrease stress, help one communicate one's feelings, encourage reflection, and gain personal insight.

You may wonder, what's the difference between a regular art activity and a therapeutic art activity? All art can be - and typically is - therapeutic for the maker. But as an educator, you can shape the lesson to focus on different things. For example, you can ask your students to draw a response to music - have them listen to a song and paint or draw what that song makes them think about or feel. You can ask them to reflect on what emotions colors convey or how different types of brushstrokes make unique statements.

It's all in how you F R A M E it!

Here is a fun art therapy activity that makes BEAUTIFUL results!