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  • What Is Mindfulness

    Introducing a mindfulness activity sheet can be useful both at home and in school for kids of all ages Today we are sharing a helpful 'What Is Mindfulness' SEL Activity Sheet to use at home or in school for < CLICK THE ACTIVITY SHEET ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE MINDFULNESS ACTIVITY SHEET TO USE AT HOME OR SCHOOL >> Whether it's at home or in school, giving kids the tools to manage their thoughts and feelings can Here are some reasons why introducing mindfulness activities can be useful both at home and in school

  • Jumping For Joy

    June 17th, 2022: With summer just a hop, skip and jump away for the 400 students at Copper Hill School Scroll down and jump into the most joyful event of our 2021/2022 school year! ~Shanna Truffini Left (Gardener Anna & Gardener Becky-Copper Hill's School Counselor) Middle (Gardeners From hop the flowers to jump the foxes, our Copper Hill's School Humongous Hopscotch was a fun way to for elementary schools?

  • Unwind and Flourish: Nurture Your Garden with Flower Breathing Tracer Meditation Activity

    Kelsey has designed a Flower Breathing Tracer Meditation Activity for gardeners to use at home or in school Breathing exercises are a great gardening tool at school: -Before or after a test -If students seem unsettled Breathing exercises are a great gardening tool at home: -Before bed -First thing in the morning -After school pages of a children's book, it is an entire movement dedicated to empowering children at home and in school

  • SEL Programs & Services

    From private family workshops to individual classroom programs, entire school assemblies to a One-Click programs and services has a little something for everyone. ✔︎ We work with all budgets to ensure your school of our services. ✔︎ All programs and services are completely customizable to fit the needs of your school Let's dig into a successful school year together!

  • Wrapping it up

    As we wrap up 2022 we are so grateful to all the teachers, parents, principals and school counselors who advocated for our #PullYourWeeds® SEL Programs in their schools. Get your school on our 2023 schedule today! --> Email us at

  • Positive Self-Talk Activity Sheet

    Here are some ways to practice positive self-talk at home and in school and free printable Positive Positive Self- Talk In School: Teachers can incorporate positive self-talk into their lessons by encouraging Badge Collector Sheet Hey you want to earn more gardening Tool Badges at home or in school Encouraging positive self-talk at home and in school can help children develop the skills they need to beyond the pages of a book,it is an entire movement dedicated to empowering children at home and in school

  • The Top 10 Benefits Of The #PullYourWeeds® SEL Programs: Assemblies, Workshops & Teacher PD

    professional development (PD) for teachers is a wonderful way to plant some healthy SEL seeds at your school skills 10 Builds a positive SEL foundation Are you looking for more information on our elementary school

  • The Comfort Zone

    environments that may not feel as safe and secure as home can be hard for young gardeners, especially at school some helpful 'Gardening Tools' for gardeners to use when they are feeling out of their comfort zone at school You can share this with a family member or trusted source after school. Pick 3 happy thoughts before you go to school and focus on them whenever you feel out of your comfort If you are really struggling talk to your teacher, counselor or school nurse.

  • The Social & Emotional Impact Of COVID In The Classroom

    According to elementary school counselors & teachers there are some common concerns for the social and are a gentle, helpful and empowering approach to enriching the social and emotional values in your school Our #PullYourWeeds® SEL Programs are a beautiful gift to give your school that will blossom with each workshops/assemblies can be performed in-person, virtually or via a set of pre-recorded videos for your school

  • We will be here

    We will continue to create helpful, positive and uplifting content for you to use at home and in school We will continue to travel to schools allover to connect with and empower gardeners of all ages.

  • We all have weeds...

    So, today we are sharing some common weeds that most grade school gardeners encounter on a day to day To learn more about how your school and/ or family can benefit from our #PullYourWeeds® Programs...Click Shanna Truffini currently attends schools locally in NJ for her SEL #PullYourWeeds® Program for workshops applied nationwide via a set of pre-recorded videos and a customized 'one-click SEL' curriculum for every school

  • Spring Scavenger Hunt

    🌼This activity can be done at school or at home. PullYourweeds® Blog are rooted in empowering kids with a shared emotional language to use at home and in school through the use of our book, blog, videos, school programs, teacher services and more!

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