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"I can't think of anything more necessary right now than teaching our children and students mindfulness and ways to manage stress. As an educator, our students deal with so much, from academic pressure to peer pressure. Social media along with the pandemic has heightened our already anxious children.


Shanna Truffini's book along with her academic workshops target today's students brilliantly. The message of managing anxiety and practicing mindfulness is clear and universally age appropriate. The students' response to Shanna's workshop along with her book was incredible to witness.


Now more than ever, integrating mindfulness should be a top priority for all districts, parents, and educators. I highly recommend contacting Shanna for more information regarding the "You are a Gardener" program. She is relatable, knowledgeable, and creative in tailoring parts of her program to fit your individual needs. As an educator and a mother, I can't speak highly enough about Shanna and her incredible program she has created."


-Mrs. Stacey Imbimbo-

Grade 4 Teacher

Bayberry Elementary School


THE #PULLYOURweeds® programs


For larger groups and multiple classrooms, book an interactive, live assembly with Shanna Truffini.

(All Assemblies Are Virtual)

✔︎ 50 to 500 Students (AGES 4-11)

✔︎ Assembly Runs Approximately 45 Minutes

✔︎ Book reading of You Are a Gardener®️ by the Author

✔︎ Book discussion on the power of flowers, weeds, seeds and #pullyourweeds

✔︎ All visual aids/media branded and personalized for your school

✔︎ Introduce students to a mindfulness activity (aka a ‘gardening’ tool)

✔︎ A live guided drawing of our signature fox with the Illustrator

✔︎ Personalized Q & A

✔︎ All students will receive a You Are a Gardener®️ Certificate of Completion

✔︎ All staff will receive a digital You Are a Gardener® Activity Kit for their classroom


For smaller groups and individual classes, book an interactive, live workshop with Shanna Truffini

(All Workshops Are Virtual)

✔︎ Up to 25 Students (AGES 4-11)

✔︎ Workshop Runs Approximately 30 Minutes

✔︎ Book reading of You Are a Gardener®️ by the Author

✔︎ Book discussion on the power of flowers, weeds, seeds, #PullYourWeeds with visual aids/media

✔︎ Introduce students to a mindfulness activity (aka a ‘gardening’ tool)

✔︎ All students will receive a You Are a Gardener®️ Certificate of Completion


Watch a quick introduction

video to the You Are a Gardener® Programs & the #PullYourWeeds®Workshop

Bright, uplifting and positive content for kids is needed now more than ever. The #PullYourWeeds® Program is rooted in social emotional learning (SEL) skills, growth mindset tools, self-empowerment, confidence building, conflict resolution skills and mindfulness, and are guaranteed to change the way your students and staff manage stress and big emotions with empowering results!



Randi H, MSW, LSW

Clinical Director

Thank you so much for this book and program!   Our ESY theme is gardening and this fits in perfectly!


Jaclyn N, 2nd Grade Teacher

Cedar Grove, NJ

Using the language from "You Are  a Gardener has been so helpful when students are upset.  The imagery makes it much easier for them to handle!


Maria F, Parent & CEO HipNewJersey

Head over to @youareagardener and learn how to book these virtual assemblies for your school.  Shanna and her gardeners visited our classrooms pre-pandemic and it changes kids lives....


The #PullYourWeeds™️ Program is rooted in the power of the words flowers, weeds and seeds. This universal language helps create a new narrative for children to identify, communicate and manage their emotions through an empowering process. Since 2018, Shanna Truffini has been presenting her programs to children, teachers and parents.

Individual workshops are also available for smaller classes, children's organizations and private groups such as libraries, children's book stores, kids crafting groups, non-profit organizations and friends who want to connect their kids with positive screen time.