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I found this program to be a wonderful SEL resource for elementary students. It presented the information in an age-appropriate and engaging way. My students loved the origami foxes as well as the online resources, especially the "You Are a Gardener" videos. I look forward to using the many ideas and resources from this program for years to come! Thank you, Shanna!

Kyle H. Third Grade Teacher

SEL prograMs & services

Bright, uplifting and positive content for kids is needed now more than ever. Our #PullYourWeeds® SEL  Assemblies, One-Click SEL Program For Teachers and Family Workshops  are rooted in empathy, inclusivity, growth mindset tools, self-empowerment, confidence building, conflict resolution skills, self-compassion, mindfulness and more. 
Scroll down to dig and learn more about our SEL services and programs. 

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Throughout the past 5 years, Shanna Truffini, Author of the children's book You Are a Gardener® and Creator of the #PullYourWeeds® SEL Programs has worked with several school districts throughout the Tri-State Area. Her #PullYourWeeds® workshops and assemblies are designed to empower grade school children with the tools, vocabulary and techniques to positively manage stress. Activities such as grounding exercises and mindfulness techniques are offered as coping vehicles and we always end each session with a fun craft or activity.

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The value of planting the seeds of social and emotional wellness for children is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Take the next steps and book the #PullYourWeeds® Program for your school or family today!

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Now more than ever, we recognize how important it is to be consistent with SEL in the classroom and how making it is easy on teachers is a key to this success.  Request a 15 minute demo of our #PullYourWeeds® One-Click SEL Program for teachers . This service allows teachers access to grab and go resources to meet your school's weekly SEL needs via a private web link for your school.
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While working with elementary school teachers from all across the country, there is common thread that most teachers are having to coming up with their own Social Emotional Learning strategies to use in their classrooms. Most teachers are having to do more work to make SEL work for their students.  Now more than ever there is a great need to implement strong Social Emotional Learning systems that are easily accessible, consistent and most importantly relatable.

After working closely with a team of teachers and school counselors we have created a ‘One-Click SEL Program for elementary schools. It has everything a classroom needs to support their weekly, monthly and yearly SEL needs. Featuring morning meeting ideas, classroom games, activity sheets, mindfulness exercises, journaling topics, crafts, visual aids and more ...and it is all literally just one click away.

Are you ready to dig into raising a new generation of emotionally empowered kids?
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Now Booking: In-Person Workshops, Assemblies & Speaking Engagements

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The #PullYourWeeds™️ Program is rooted in the power of the words flowers, weeds and seeds. This universal language helps create a new narrative for children to identify, communicate and manage their emotions through an empowering process. Since 2018, Shanna Truffini has been presenting her programs to children, teachers and parents across the country.


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