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I found this program to be a wonderful SEL resource for elementary students. It presented the information in an age-appropriate and engaging way. My students loved the origami foxes as well as the online resources, especially the "You Are a Gardener" videos. I look forward to using the many ideas and resources from this program for years to come! Thank you, Shanna!

Kyle H. Third Grade Teacher

SEL prograMs & 

Are you searching for an engaging and interactive educational assembly that promotes social emotional learning, kindness, respect, and inclusivity? Look no further! Our "#PullYourWeeds®" SEL assembly provides a great opportunity to raise awareness about emotional health and coping strategies for elementary students and teachers, while planting seeds of emotional resilience.  Book Our #PullYourWeeds® SEL Assembly for Your Elementary School Today!

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We recommend multiple assemblies throughout the school year to dig into the program & help it take root!

Our 40 Minute Assembly Structure:

  • You Are a Gardener® Book Reading (Intro Assembly)

  • Intro to Gardening Vocabulary & Mindset (or recap)

  • Student Interaction/ Participation

  • Helpful Gardening Tools (Coping Strategies)

  • Videos & Peer Gardening Stories

  • All Students Will Receive Gardener Giveaways

#PullYourWeeds® SEL Program Highlights:

✔️ Empathy

✔️ Emotional Resilience

✔️ Kindness & Inclusivity

✔️ Responsible Decision Making

✔️ Healthy Growth Mindset

✔️ Relationship Skills  & Self-Compassion

✔️ Goal Setting 

✔️ Mindfulness

✔️ Self-Confidence & Self-Respect

✔️  Healthy Coping Strategies


Custom Peer Gardening SEL Programs

Available For Grades 6-8 

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Celebrating the Blossoming Journey:

Empowering Children through SEL

Since the publication of You Are a Gardener® in December of 2017, Shanna Truffini has continued to nurture her mission of empowering children with the essential tools to cultivate their inner gardens. Over the past five years, her unwavering dedication has led her to develop a diverse range of social and emotional learning (SEL) programs that have made a profound impact on young minds.

With a deep-rooted passion for fostering emotional well-being, Shanna has collaborated with numerous organizations and school districts throughout the Tri-State Area. Her transformative #PullYourWeeds® Workshops and Assemblies have become renowned for their organic and simplified approach to SEL, seamlessly integrating with existing programs to create a cohesive and enriching experience.

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The #PullYourWeeds™️ Program is rooted in the power of the words flowers, weeds and seeds. This universal language helps create a new narrative for children to identify, communicate and manage their emotions through an empowering process. Since 2018, Shanna Truffini has been presenting her programs to children, teachers and parents across the country.


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