Testimonials for the You Are a Gardener™ Program

Ms. Truffini’s mission is to spread the seeds of emotional and social education to promote mental wellness in children. Her book and school visits allow her to share this message, and we were fortunate to have her join us here at MCA. We were delighted to be able to support this local author, and we look forward to assisting Ms. Truffini in her mission by helping our own MCA children learn how to create and maintain their own healthy, beautiful personal gardens. ~Camilla Nichols, Director of Montessori Development, Montessori Children's Academy


We really enjoyed having Shanna read her book You are a Gardener. As an educator, I particularly loved the exercise of smelling the flowers & blowing dandelion seeds and the metaphor of weeds for difficult emotions. We will be viewing the YouTube videos as well as reading the book again and again. ~Lisa M.Cornerstone School Summit, NJ


I just had to send a text to tell you-YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!! I think bringing light to our littles struggles, tears, fears, and anxieties is the cure we have needed. Thank you. Because of you I speak openly with my children about my pain points, worries, fears and “weeds”. Keep up the good work mama!!! ~Jodi, New Jersey Mom of two boys


I just read your book to a student and it fit perfectly with her struggle. We are going to focus on your 'seeds and weeds' program for the next few sessions that I have with her. I am anxious to see how this 'grows'! Thank you so much! ~Angie J. Valentine, NE Elementary School Counselor


The students absolutely LOVED you and your presentation. I am so happy you were able to come and spread those seeds! Today was field day and so many parents came up to me saying that their kids told them all about you and your message when they got home- and the parents were so grateful for you! ~Ms. T. 4th Grade Teacher Denville, NJ


Just filled in the beautiful certificates. The kids absolutely loved it! Thank you for such a wonderful presentation! ~Ms. A 2nd Grade Teacher Harding, NJ


Thank you so much for your presentation today. It was polished, professional and most important, inspirational. ~Randi C Livingston, NJ Pre-School Director

What started out as children's book has since flourished into an entire program dedicated to spreading the seeds of social and emotional (SEL) learning tools and skills for kids to use at home & in school.