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From teachers to parents, counselors to kids our seeds are spreading far and wide. We are so grateful for all the positive feedback and support from our loving community!

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shanna truffini at riverview school for assembly

we've spread seeds at:
St.catherine of sienna . kings road school. copper hill school. st. vincent's school. harding township school. califon school. Woodland school. rainbow montessori.  oak street school.  benedict cucinella school. long hill montessori.
matthew jago elementary school.  riverview school. byram lakes elementary. central avenue school. hopewell elementary.
stony brook school. Farbrook school. bear tavern school.  toll gate grammar school.  Miftaahul Uloom Academy. 
montessori children's academy. bayberry elementary.  cornerstone school.  tatem school. george e. wilson school.
washington township district, district of west new york

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recentGardener Reviews

"You Are a Gardener is an excellent program with a very strong message for students. Its creator, Shanna Truffini, is a pleasure to work with! She has developed a truly inspirational program around her children's book that covers any topic or activity that an educator could think of. If you work with her and this program, you will have everything you need. Shanna is passionate about her work and her message, and as a result, she is constantly updating and adding to her material. Furthermore, Shanna is very professional – she is prompt, responsive, and organized – and she knows how to adapt her message to all age levels. I highly recommend Shanna and the You Are a Gardener program!"

~Stacie Paruta SEL Team Washington Township School District -April 2024

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stacie paruta review on sel assembly
stacie paruta sel team review of school assembly
califon school assembly review
specvial education assembly in nj
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quote on childrens menatl health assembly
reviews you are a gardener assembly new jersey
~Ms. Larissa Smith , Grade 4 Resource Room Teacher Riverview Elementary School
review of pullyour weeds sel assembly elementary school
hopewell elementary school rebview mental health assembly
copper hill school review on assembly
byram lakes testimonial sel student assembly
you are a gardener author visit review
montessori approved assembly
author shanna truffini at elementary school in denville nj

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