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(Pricing depends on school size/location/ services requested)

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In-Person #PullYourWeeds® SEL Assemblies/Workshops Grades K-8

Program Details:

-Empowering children with 'gardening' vocabulary and positive tools to help them grow forward feeling confident & calm. Rooted in self-compassion, inclusivity, mindfulness, empathy, confidence building, self-control, coping strategies & more. (We highly recommend multiple assemblies/workshops throughout the school year to nurture the roots of the program.)

Program Structure:

-Book Reading & Intro of the You Are a Gardener®️ Mindset & Vocabulary

(encouraging children to feel confident with the foundation of the program)

-A 'Weeds to Seeds' Story From a Peer Gardener -(builds conflict/resolution skills, encourages empathy and creates open communication with a cognitive thinking process)

- IIntroduce 2-3 New 'Gardening Tools' -(deep breathing techniques, grounding exercises, mindfulness activities, origami, DIY projects, & more)

- All students will receive a gardener giveaway & digital Certificate of Accomplishment

'One-Click' SEL Program For Teachers

-This service allows your staff access to a private web link featuring everything a classroom needs to meet your school's weekly/monthly/yearly SEL needs. Our One-Click SEL program features 'grab and go' resources to support a successful and thriving SEL environment, from games & activities, morning meeting topics, pre-recorded videos, crafts, mindfulness & grounding exercises, visual aids for classrooms and more! All materials are rooted in the You Are a Gardener® vocabulary, mindset and foundation of our platform. (Book A Demo Today)

-This also includes a 15 minute pre-recorded training video for your staff to watch at their convenience or training can be done in-person.

Family Workshops In-Person or A Pre-Recorded Video

-Keeping the lines of communication open between home and school plays a vital role in the success of every student. Our family workshops can be done in-person or via a private web link with a pre-recorded video featuring an intro the You Are a Gardener® mindset, vocabulary and helpful tools to successfully implement and support the program at home.

Author Visit & Speaking Engagements (In-Person)

-This 30 minute 'You Are An Author' presentation includes a You Are a Gardener® book reading and a fun slideshow highlighting the steps it takes to write and self-publish a book. This inspirational presentation also features tons of tips, tools and resources available for young authors and entrepreneurial spirits. It's all about planting your dreams and watching them grow!

Or book Shanna Truffini to speak at your next group or corporate event!

Keep It Growing Book Campaign

-Dig into a fun way to raise money for your school! If you would like to do a You Are a Gardener® 'book fair 'for your families to order signed copies of our book via a private web link, 10% of all sales will be donated back to your school or Parent Association. Flyers and all marketing materials with book fair details are included. This is also a wonderful way to keep the program growing at home.

Are you ready to dig in? Email for a quote today!

Recent Reviews

"Our school had a great visit from Gardener Shanna today! She read her book and taught us gardening tools to help us pull the weeds in our gardens so we can all grow like flowers! The message was simple, meaningful and both students and staff related well to the strategies. Teachers began using what we learned in their classrooms that very same day! The students loved the YouTube channel too! Thank you Gardener Shanna for reminding us we all have weeds and we all have gardening tools to use! "

Ms. Christine Laquidara,

Principal Hopewell Elementary

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