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Camp Hello Gardeners® is a grass roots, self-funded, uplifting and empowering video series created to introduce children to the You Are a Gardener® mindset. 


Each video features special gardener guests with exceptional skills to help kids learn new 'gardening tools' that are rooted in mindfulness activities, grounding techniques, confidence building exercises, games and more! 

This is an excellent resource to use at home, in the classroom, at camp or for some positive screen time!

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Hello Gardeners® & Camp Hello Gardeners® Video Series
One of the first programs to sprout was Truffini's video series, Hello Gardeners®. This idea came from Shanna Truffini's daughter, Anna when she was only 8 years old. She had the idea to create a show where every episode Anna and her brother Aidan would help other children 'pull their weeds and turn them into seeds', plus feature a fun craft or mindfulness activity. They filmed their fist episode in their grandparent's greenhouse in the fall of 2018 along with the talents of their videographer Kelsey DeLaney, who is also the illustrator of You Are a Gardener®. Since then they have filmed over 20 episodes and also created a spin off series called Camp Hello Gardeners® that features longer segments with multiple guest gardeners!

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