You Are a Gardener™ | Children's Book

  • Shanna Truffini’s children’s book You Are a Gardener™ uses gardening vocabulary as ‘emotional metaphors’ to teach young children the importance of identifying the ‘flowers’ and ‘weeds’ in their everyday life.
    By embracing the child friendly vocabulary of this book, children can effectively recognize and communicate the “weeds” that they encounter and understand they have the power to control the way they feel.


    This book is an excellent resource for families, educators, counselors and therpaists to plant the seeds of emotional well-being in children and adults alike. 


    Self-Published by Shanna Truffini in 2017 (Copyright & Trademark Pending)

    Printed in the USA

    Paperback Book measures 8.5 x 8.5 inches and is 31 pages

    Illustrations by Kelsey DeLaney are watercolor on paper


    *Schools & Bulk Orders receive a discount. 

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