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1000 Students in 1 Week

We were spreading seeds from Woodbridge to Hopewell this week and connected with over 1000 students! The response and feedback has been extremely encouraging and we feel 100% confident that all 1000 kids now know simple strategies to manage stress and use positive tools to help them stay confident and calm. Stay tuned because we are closing out 2022 with 4 more schools!

It's All About Turning "Weeds to Seeds"

1.) Identify what does not feel good (the weeds)

2.) Communicate those feelings with with a trusted source (pull your weeds)

3.) Manage big emotions with healthy and positive 'gardening' tools (turn weeds into seeds)

Featuring: Matthew Jago School, Hopewell Elementary School, Stony Brook School

We bring gardener giveaways for all the students! Can you guess what's in our goodie bag?

"Our school had a great visit from Gardener Shanna today! She read her book and taught us gardening tools to help us pull the weeds in our gardens so we can all grow like flowers! The message was simple, meaningful and both students and staff related well to the strategies. Teachers began using what we learned in their classrooms that very same day! The students loved the You Tube channel too! Thank you Gardener Shanna for reminding us we all have weeds and we all have gardening tools to use!" (December 2022)

~Ms. Christine Laquidara

Principal, Hopewell Elementary School

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