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A Message From Gardener Anna 📢 We Got This Gardeners!

A Public Service Announcement from Gardener Anna 🌱 This is for all the gardeners out there who need to know they are not alone in how they might be feeling during such uncertain times. Please show this video to your kids and let them know how important it is to keep asking questions and talk about what they are feeling. As Gardener Anna says “we got this gardeners” 💚 #TalkToYourKids #PSA

If you are looking for some positive tools on how to keep your kids active and engaged, browse around on our #PullYourWeeds blog. We have tons of activities, crafts and exercises all rooted in empowering kids with positive social and emotional skills 💻

Looking for a kid positive show to entertain your kids? Watch Gardener Anna and her brother Gardener Aidan on their hit kid show Hello Gardeners 🎥 Every episode features kid friendly conversations on turning negative situations into positive solutions. The show also features fun crafts and mindfulness activities. Your kids will LOVE it 🌸🌸


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