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Best Day Ever...

Yesterday I had the greatest pleasure to present my #PullYourWeeds® Workshop to Aidan's entire 4th grade class. It was so much fun for Aidan to be running the workshop inside the classroom, while I joined in virtually. It was a beautiful moment for our family to be able to share our 'seeds' with Aidan's classmates.

"Thank you so much. The class truly enjoyed the presentation and the origami! Everything about it was just wonderful.

We are so lucky to have had both Aidan and Anna in our class and we are going to miss you all!

Love the resources you shared and each child will receive a certificate. Going to use the word find as our morning work tomorrow :) "

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and thank you again!

Sarah (Aidan's Teacher)

The #PullYourWeeds™️ Program is rooted in the power of the words flowers, weeds and seeds. This universal language helps create a new narrative for children to identify, communicate and manage their emotions through an empowering process.

If you would like to learn more about spreading some seeds at your school-Click Here!


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