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BOOtiful Breakfasts 👻

We've come up with some spooktacular ways to start off your day! Check out our frightfully delicious and easy breakfast ideas to get you and your family in the Halloween spirit! Kid friendly recipes like these are a wonderful way to get the whole family involved. As gardeners we refer to the 'flowers' in our gardens as our joyful and happy feelings. The social and emotional learning (SEL) benefits of cooking with your kids can lead to some very bright flowers in their gardens!

SEL Benefits of Cooking With Your Kids:

✔ It encourages creativity.

✔ It's a wonderful way to teach life skills.

✔ It helps children focus.

✔ It can be very stress reliving.

✔ It involves cognitive thinking.

✔ It enhances fine motor skills.

✔ It can be a very bonding experience.

Scroll down to see all four BOOtiful breakfast ideas for Halloween!

1. Disappearing Toast 👻

All you need for this recipe is a slice of bread, an egg, butter, salt & pepper and a festive cookie cutter.

2. Cute Clementine Pumpkins 🎃

We love this healthy, adorable and oh so easy snack to make for Halloween. The best part is, the assembly is super kid friendly. All you need are clementines and celery!

3. Devilish Eggs 😈

Turn your favorite deviled egg recipe into devilish eggs by adding horns (tomatoes or red peppers) and capers for eyes!

4. BOOnanas 👻

We love this sweet and spooky surprise on top of any toast with nut butter.

Head over to our Instagram page @youareagardener for fun tricks and treats for you and your family to enjoy this Halloween!

Have a safe and joyful Halloween,



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