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Calling All SEL Advocates

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process in which 'gardeners' of all ages cultivate skills/tools to effectively identify, communicate and manage emotions to find a peaceful and positive path forward. This integral part of human development empowers one with responsible decision making, empathy awareness, strong communication skills, self-compassion, self-confidence, inclusivity and so much more. In times of stress and uncertainty a gardener can never have enough SEL skills/tools (aka gardening tools).

As SEL Advocates we recognize that positive, uplifting and empowering content for kids is needed now more than ever...especially after the last 2 years! Our #PullYourWeeds® Workshops are a wonderful way to brighten up your classroom and home. All of our workshops can be done in-person or online and are customizable to fit your needs and convenience.

According to research a consistent approach to SEL at home and in the classroom cultivates the following: academic success, fewer behavioral problems, positive social relationships, stronger problem solving skills and overall feeling of self-confidence. The lifetime benefits of SEL are immeasurable.

The You Are a Gardener® Platform & Our SEL Programs Are Rooted In:

✔︎Children embracing & understanding that they have the power to control the way they feel.

✔︎Empowering children with growth mindset tools and mindfulness activities.

✔︎Self-empowerment, self-compassion and confidence building.

✔︎Keeping the lines of communication open between children and trusted sources.

✔︎Strengthening and building positive conflict/resolution skills.