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Chalk It Up To Hours of Entertainment plus SEL Benefits

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Sensory activities are super beneficial when it comes to the social and emotional development of young kids. Exploring new activities that encourage children to touch, feel, create and use their senses gives them a positive focus while using problem solving thinking.

A fun, get your hands messy craft like making your own chalk paint teaches kids a parts to whole process that includes scientific thinking. It starts with simple steps such as following an exact recipe which requires attention to detail and exact measurements. Mixing and creating your own colors with food coloring is a creative process with visually delightful results. The finished product can result in hours of playing outside, full of colors, movement and textures. All you need is a hose for cleanup..and that can lead to a whole other fun outdoor activity!

To learn how to make Gardener Anna's tie-dye chalk paint on Session 2 of Camp Hello Gardeners® CLICK HERE! This camp video also includes an art class with an illustrator, interactive games, learn Qi Gong from a certified master, make your own body scrubs with a 15 year old entrepreneur, cooking class with Gardener Aidan, inspirational stories & more fun!

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