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Coloring Books | #SELatHome

Hello Gardeners!

Whether it's your first time visiting the #PullYourWeeds blog or your fiftieth - welcome! We are so happy you've joined us. Our main goal with this blog is to be a resource for educators, parents & guardians, and gardeners of all ages! We offer inspiring messages, fun & educational crafts, mindfulness exercises, healthy & simple recipes, and so much more. If you know someone who you think could benefit from this blog, go ahead and click those three dots in the upper right hand corner of this post and SHARE!

Last week, we started a new segment of the blog called #SELatHome. It's where we take fun, #educational, and #therapeutic activities and show how they encourage social and emotional learning.

Today, we are looking at coloring books! A few years ago, coloring books had a resurgence. Not for children though - for adults! The benefits of coloring have been recognized by the Cleveland Clinic, the Wounded Warrior Project, and The American Art Therapy Association.

#Coloring helps encourage early childhood development skills such as fine motor skills, color recognition, handwriting, and hand-eye coordination, while also providing emotional and psychological benefits.

These include: