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Counselor Connection

A few months ago when we first connected with Mr. Brendan Maurice, School Counselor of George E. Wilson Elementary School in Hamilton, NJ he was looking for a student assembly that complimented their school's 'Aware Because We Care' SEL theme. His intention was to find a program to help empower his 500 students with a positive mindset for cultivating awareness and appreciation that together we can all make a difference.

Our #PullYourWeeds® SEL assembly helped to foster this message by introducing the students to the You Are a Gardener vocabulary and mindset and healthy 'gardening tools' to help them cultivate a deeper appreciation for inclusivity, self-confidence, kindness, positive coping strategies, grit and respect. We have the greatest appreciation for Mr. Maurice and connecting with the George E. Wilson Elementary students. It was a wonderful way to complete our 2022/2023 #PullYourWeeds® School Tour.

"Gardener Shanna makes connections through rhyme with a growing message for students and adult connections about the power of feelings and being your best self". Gardener Shanna puts details into providing students an engaging story experience with Social Emotional Learning that helps make those connections with learners in providing strategies from within. Thank you again for the opportunity as well in meeting you and coming to Wilson! We are grateful. We will continue to be in touch. " ~Mr. Brendan Maurice, School Counselor, George E. Wilson Elementary School

As we celebrate our blossoming journey with Mr. Maurice and the students of Wilson Elementary school, let us remember that the power to shape a brighter future lies in the hands of our children. Together, we can cultivate a world where emotional intelligence thrives by empowering the next generation to grow forward feeling confident and calm.

Is your school ready to dig into the #PullYourWeeds SEL Program? Join us on this incredible journey with You Are a Gardener®—where young hearts blossom, emotions are embraced, and personal growth flourishes. Together, let's #PullYourWeeds® and nurture a future filled with confidence, resilience, and joy! Email us at


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