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Cracker Creations

This week on the radio we heard that Ritz crackers were trending on TikTok. In honor of all the buzz we are sharing a mini clip of Camp Hello Gardeners® where Gardener Aidan shows us multiple ways to make a basic Ritz® cracker not so basic. Getting young kids involved with meal preparations is wonderful for their social and emotional development. Taking responsibility for healthy and fun food choices helps boost their self-confidence, self-awareness and teaches life skills.


Empowering young kids with skills and tools to help their 'gardens' grow healthy and strong is what our programs are all about. If you have a fun, kid-friendly recipe and would like to share it with our audience please email us at

Here are some of Gardeners Aidan's favorite ways to get creative with his Ritz® crackers:

-Pizza Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese

-Peanut Butter & Jelly

-Cucumbers & Cream Cheese

-Icing & Sprinkles

-Ham & Cheese

What creations will you make with your crackers?


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