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Document Your Day

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hello Gardeners!

Recently, #GardenerAnna shared a video talking about the importance of documenting this strange and unpredictable time in which we live. Check it out below!

While we've talked about journaling on the blog before, today on the blog, we are looking at the many ways you can journal and how to making journaling part of your daily routine! And just a reminder, while this blog is mostly features ideas and crafts for young gardeners, this crazy time in history affects ALL of us so we highly encourage gardeners of all ages to journal about their day-to-day experiences, emotions that come up, and what's on your mind!

A necessary first step to journaling is acquiring a journal. Here is a quick and incredibly easy handmade journal that just requires 1 sturdy piece of paper (construction paper or card stock), computer paper, and a rubber band.

Fold all of your paper in half and place your folded computer paper on top of your folded sturdy paper. Then fold all of the paper in half again to form a booklet. Place your rubber band around the paper to cover the fold and there you go - your very own journal!


Now that you have your journal, many people question what to write about, how to start, etc. Have no fear! Here are 5 tips to a successful journal 👇👇👇