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Adding positive 'gardening tools' to our emotional toolbox/toolkit is extremely helpful when it comes to managing stress. Empowering children with healthy activities and exercises to choose when they encounter uncomfortable feelings & challenging emotions is what 'gardening' is all about.

Today we are excited to announce a fun and interactive way to encourage children to learn and apply new 'gardening tools' anytime they encounter stress and big emotions. By earning 'gardening tool badges' children can appreciate all the many and healthy ways to address a negative experience with a positive approach and help them to feel confident & calm!

Earning our Gardening Tool Badges is a fun way to dig into the You Are a Gardener® mindset at home and in school! Click here to download your free gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet and pick a gardening tool that looks right for you!

Collecting Gardening Tool Badges Is As Easy As 1,2.3

1. Download Your Free Gardening Tool Badge Collector Sheet

2. Pic &Click A Gardening Tool That You Want To Learn

3. Once You Complete The Activity, Scroll To Bottom Of Page To

Download Your Badge


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