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Fast & Flavorful Fish Tacos 🐟

One of our family favorite summertime meals is fish tacos! Not only is this recipe packed with flavor and texture, it is super easy to make and clean up! Kids also love this dish because it is always fun to build your own tacos. Scroll down for the recipe!

The Gardeners Favorite Fish Tacos

-Frozen Battered White Fish

-Taco Shells (you can use hard or soft)

-Fresh Shredded Cabbage

-Green Salsa

-Sour Cream

-Queso Fresca (you can find this in most grocery stores)

*Garnish with lime wedges*

Bake the fish per the instructions on the package. Put all ingredients in separate bowls. Construct your own tacos! You can also add some lime wedges for a fresh garnish.

What are some of you favorite simple, summertime recipes? Send us an email with photos to


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