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Feeling Gardenery

Feeling 'gardenery' is that uplifting feeling you get when you are doing or creating something you love or spending time with those that make you feel so overjoyed you lose all track of time.These 'gardenery' moments make you feel hopeful, free and closer to your purpose.Once you start feeling them, seek them out and embrace them.

They will help you bloom.

Here are some tips to help you tap into that 'gardenery'I feeling & flow:

  1. Do something you enjoy doing every single day and focus all your attention on it when you are doing it.

  2. Take a few moments everyday to pause and reflect on all the things you are grateful for. To start this practice try having moments of gratitude before you got to bed and when you wake up.

  3. Make a vision board or a dream journal with all the things you enjoy doing and goals you would like to achieve. Hang your board in place you will see it often or read your journal a few times a week and really visualize each goal.

  4. Identify the things that come easily to you that may be hard for other people. Hone in on these gifts and explore them as frequently as you can.

inspirational message - you are a gardener- universal flow


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