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Filled With Color

I received this beautiful message from my darling Aunt Bunny and was so moved by her words that I wanted to share it with all of you.

"Hi My Darling, Just listened to your wonderful presentation with the charming lady from England. Simply amazing what you, Anna Fay, Aidan, and your artistic friends have created!

I thought about a beautiful happening with Joshua many years ago. We were visiting wonderful friends. Joshua knew a few of the people, but this one young lady approached him and they had a great time visiting. When we left, Joshua said that the young lady, Leanne, was so filled with color. I had never heard anyone say such a thing.

After that, when shopping in a most unique store in Aurora NY, I found beautiful little wooden spoons that had flowers printed on them. I purchased many, and when Joshua and I met giving, caring, and sharing beautiful people over the years, we knew they were filled with color, thus each was given their special spoon.

Well honey , your great presentation brought this little story to mind.

All my love to you and your outstanding gorgeous family. Huge kisses to Anna Fay and Aidan.

Biggest hugs,

Bunny and doggy boy Laddie"

When I think of all the bright and joyful people I have encountered in my life, My Aunt Bunny is a shining example of someone who is so 'filled with color' that every time she is in our presence we feel complete and pure joy. Her love and support through the years has certainly helped us to keep moving forward and share our colors with everyone we meet.

<<Click Here to listen to the podcast that inspired Aunt Bunny's message >>

Sending a letter or a heartfelt email is the next best thing to showing up at someone's door. The emotional health benefits of sharing your authentic thoughts and appreciation for someone is an incredibly rewarding process for both yourself and the recipient.

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