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Flower Fortune Tellers

As gardeners there are so many 'gardening tools' available to help us feel more in control of our emotions and help us get back to a calmer and more confident state of mind when we encounter stress. Filling up our 'emotional toolbox' with as many 'gardening tools' as we can is what being a gardener is all about. The more tools we have, the more prepared we are when we encounter challenging feelings and emotions.

Today's new gardening tool is all about turning your weeds into seeds with our signature Flower Fortune Tellers! Scroll down to dig into our instructional video and step-by-step tutorial.

This craft (gardening tool) was created by our extremely talented Illustrator & Videographer, Kelsey Jordan. Press Play to Watch Now!

This helpful little tool is fun to use when you are searching for a 'gardening tool' to help you get back to your flowers (positive feelings/thoughts) if you are feeling a little stuck in the weeds (negative feelings/thoughts). We predict this tool is sure to be a favorite for gardeners of all ages to use at home and in school with minimal materials needed. Scroll all the way down to earn your gardening tool badge for this activity!

(You can swap out markers for colored pencils or crayons)


Gardener's Tip: Write down your 8 favorite gardening tools on the inside and anytime you feel a weed pop up, take out your Flower Fortune Teller. This is a fun tool to use for yourself, at school or with your family. It is a bright and cheerful reminder to redirect your thoughts from a negative to a positive!

Fun fact: These fortune tellers are a form of origami (and we LOVE origami) they are also referred to as cootie catchers because they imitate the act of catching insects and unwanted things (aka weeds)!


Our Flower Fortune Teller 'Gardening Tool' Is Rooted In:

-Creativity -Conflict/Resolution Skills

-Relationship Building (Encourages Interaction)

-Positive Re-Direction


(building on and nurturing SEL skills for children at home and in school


-Print Out Template


-Follow the Video & Fold

-Write Down These 8 Gardening Tools on The Inside:

(write down 3 flowers from today, go outside for a walk or to play, color or draw for 10 minutes, do 10 jumping jacks, read a chapter in a book, do 5 minutes of flower breathing, write down 5 things you are grateful for, drink a glass of cold water)

Feel Free To Use Your Own Favorite Gardening Tools


Hey gardeners, did you make our fortune teller? If so, congratulations, you just earned yourself the 'Flower Fortune Teller' Gardening Tool Badge!

How many gardening tool badges have you earned so far? Send us an email to

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