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Flower Power 🌸

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hello Gardeners!

With the end of summer approaching and the beginning of a new and incredibly unique school year ahead of us, we've found that with every day comes new emotions. Somedays we feel hopeful and motivated, others we feel stressed or overwhelmed - whatever you are feeling, don't be afraid to talk to your family members about it!

This time has really made us reflect on one of our many mottos, "choose joy." We recently came across a quote from Laura Pedersen of the Choose Joy Foundation. She said,

"The most important

word in 'choose joy'

isn't 'joy' - it is 'choose'."

Choice assumes perspective, seeing and understanding your options and picking which way you will go. If this uncertain time has given us anything, it's perspective! CHOOSE to be the brightness on a dull day - help lift those who are having a hard time!

We've got a fun and festive activity - perfect for making those video chats, virtual birthday parties, or even the first day of home school EXTRA special! We are making Flower Paper Chains to reframe our space!