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Free #PullYourWeeds® Pencils ✏️

Now through Sunday 12/6 enjoy 10% off a copy of You Are a Gardener® plus get 5 free, custom #PullYourWeeds pencils with your purchase.

Enter code ONPOINT10 at checkout.

Shanna Truffini’s children’s book You Are a Gardener™ uses gardening vocabulary to help kids identify strong emotions and turn them into empowering and positive solutions. The book is recommended for children ages 4-12 but the message is truly ageless. The beautiful illustrations in the book are timeless watercolors that all ages enjoy.

Since the book was published in 2017 it made such a positive impact on the community that it rapidly flourished into a social and emotional learning (SEL) program created by the author that is used in elementary classrooms across the country!


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