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Fun & Stress Relieving...YES Please!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Who doesn't love to blow bubbles? The magical delight of an effervescent bubble floating playfully in the air can really bring up some nostalgic feelings...but did you know blowing bubbles is actually a form of stress relief?

The deep breathing required to blow bubbles is a wonderful form of relation. By blowing bubbles children are actually learning an easy, deep breathing technique that requires them to focus on the present moment. Breathing exercises are extremely beneficial for children to learn when they are young. These techniques are a wonderful tool to help calm them down when they encounter big emotions or anxious feelings. Ready, set, BLOW!

Get Gardener Anna's special recipe on how to make colorful stress relieving bubbles on Session 3 of Camp Hello Gardeners® CLICK HERE!

This camp video session also features: Music class with Gardener Rachel, kid-friendly workouts with a certified fitness professional, inspirational stories, fun ways to fold napkins, interactive games, DIY journals, fun learning, mindfulness activities and more!

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