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Gardener Anna's 2020 Highlights 🌠

As 2020 comes to a close we hope you are taking some time to reflect on all that you accomplished this year. Acknowledging successes no matter how big or how small helps us continue to achieve and strive for our goals. So, before your mind launches into a new year, pause and celebrate the major strides you made in 2020. Talk about some serious gardening!

Watch Gardener Anna's video as she encourages gardeners to make a list of the highlights from 2020 and she also shares some of her own!

(Press Play To Watch Gardener Anna's 2020 Highlights Video)

Making a list of all your accomplishments in a year is a wonderful exercise for gardeners of any age. Here are some ways to make it fun...

❀ Scroll through photos you have taken over the year and create a 2020 highlights album. This can also help you come up with your list.

❀ Create a video of your or your child reading the 2020 highlight list. This is one year worth really documenting.

❀ Save this list in a very special place to be read and enjoyed over the years.

❀ Make a bonus list of things you would like to accomplish in 2021!

Wishing all our gardener friends a bright and Happy New Year! Thank you for all the seeds you helped us plant in 2020! We can't wait to see what grows...


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